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February 22, 2011


Systemic Mortgage Fraud: NJ Tea Party Coalition and Rep. Scott Garrett (R) NJ Discuss Constitution- Based Remedies

Members of the NJ Tea Party Coalition meet with Rep. Scott Garrett (R) NJ today to discuss legal remedies that restore the Rule of Law, State’s Rights, Property Rights and Due Process for American home-owners and investors.

The New Jersey Tea Party Coalition asserts that foreclosure fraud is a misnomer. In fact, what we are seeing is systemic mortgage fraud that becomes apparent in the foreclosure process.

Big Government and Big Banks partner (1995-Present) to securitize mortgages and in the process:
  • Cloud title on 60+ million homes (MERS eRegistry)
  • MERS separated Note from Deed; broke chain of title
  • Defraud investors (there are no mortgages in Mortgage-Backed-Securities)
  • Pension funds, investors holding nothing more than unsecured consumer debt
  • Illegally seize private property (50%-70% of all foreclosures are illegal)
  • Banks and Security Pools do not have standing to foreclose
  • Violated 400 years of established state property laws and their own Pool Servicing Agreements – lender identity is hidden from borrower and courts
  • Home-owners who are current on their mortgage payments may not be paying their true lender
  • Commit fraud upon the courts (Robo-Signers)
  • Violate home-owners Due Process (Rocket-Dockets)
  • Deprive county governments of $2.4 Billion property transfer fees

The NJ Tea Party Coalition supports the following Constitution-based solutions:

Federal Level:
  • Dissolution of MERS - All mortgage records transfer to county clerks
  • No passage of Federal or State laws that cover-up fraudulent activities (IE. HR3808, TILA)
  • Clean House – Leave of Absence for all government officials who have worked for Big Banks, Fannie Freddie, their associations and/or law firms in past 10 years
  • Urge State Attorney Generals to pursue criminal investigations
  • Call a Bank Holiday – FDIC examines Big Six Banks, be prepared to close insolvent banks, break up Too Big to Fail
  • Pass new consumer bankruptcy laws that allow homeowners to cram down primary residence mortgages

State Level:
  • Do NOT pass any laws that interfere with consumer property rights
  • Create three tracks in state courts to facilitate home-owners in determining identity of their lender and loan work-out arrangements
  • If lender identity cannot be proven in court through Clear Title Action, homeowner files for a Quiet Title
  • Affirm the Rule of Law and provide legal remedies to home-owners who have been illegally foreclosed upon


Is America a Nation of Laws, or of Men? Isn’t it time to restore:
  • The Rule of Law?
  • State’s Rights?
  • Property Rights?
  • Due Process?

We, the People, will stand for nothing less.

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View the presentation here: The Specter of Mortgage Fraud